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Easy Home Budget Book & Asset

1.99 usd

To be continued every day, can be entered easily. But you can also sophisticated analysis.If a housekeeping book is wrote, the consciousness of saving will come out.The check of balance, such as expenditure, can be performed from a pie chart etc.. Management of property can also be performed.Persons with this app have assets of more than twice.Because, We can manage the expenditure.Are you able to manage expenditure?To lay out the amount of cash (purse) and income and expenditure of the month so that you can see at a glance.
General expenditure items are already default setting.Enter the initial value of the cash and bank name changes.Can be used immediately.(Can be changed later)
[Change the device]1.Backup to SD card.2.Move the backup data.3.Location:"SDcard" - "Account_Book"Folder4.Reinstall the app to the new device. (Free money)Can be used as in the past.* The same is true of the change from the free version to the paid version.* Going to read the backup data when you first start.
Items can be customized from the settings.[Income] [Expense] [Assets] [Credit] [Other]To managing multiple books and credit cards.
*Multiple Books management. (pocket money)*Password protection.*Easy to see in the graph.*Export to CSV file and import.*Direct assignment from cute calculator.*Setting the cutoff date of the month. (Start date of the month aggregate)*Setting the start of the week. (Monday or Sunday)*Back up your data.*Help file.*Send e-mail attachments to CSV.*Easy device change.
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